Free capacities thanks to the connection to the simple system.

Christian Baderschneider

Purchasing / Processes, Hartmann Valves GmbH

Company: Hartmann Valves GmbH

Industry: Armaturenbau

Number of employees: approx. 160 employees

Contact Person: Christian Baderschneider



ERP system


Type of integration

Connection of the goods issuing machine

Start with simple system


The challenge:

100% continuous automation of our procurement process – from the identification of requirements to the receipt of goods at the point of use

The solution:

Quick and easy connection of our vending machines to simple system

“Fully automatic flow – from the purchase requisition from production to delivery to production”

“Thanks to the connection of our proven GARANT Tool24 dispenser to simple system, requirement notifications now run fully automatically through to goods receipt. Thanks to the four-eyes principle in combination with the release settings in simple system, we always have full control. It couldn’t be more convenient. Both production and purchasing now have more time to take care of their essential tasks.

Thanks to the active support of our tool system partner (Hoffmann Group), the connection of the vending machine to simple system was convincing and acceptance in the workforce was quickly achieved. In general, simple system makes our work a lot easier:

+ Easy to use

+ Best overview of all products

+ Uncomplicated booking of incoming goods and payments

+ Price comparison made easy

+ Orders directly from the departments

With simple system, we have less effort in terms of processing recurring and one-off requirements. This gives us more capacity for projects and A-parts sourcing.