70% of our C-parts purchasing has been automated.

Mark Appun


Company: SIG

Industry: System and solution provider for aseptic packaging

Number of employees: approx. 5.000 employees worldwide

Contact Person: Mark Appun


Indirect procurement with simple system

ERP system


Type of integration

simple system OCI / punchout

Start with simple system


The challenge:

Procuring services in addition to products via a platform

The solution:

Quick and easy connection of service catalogs to simple system

“The diverse possibilities are convincing: With internal catalogs for the efficient handling of individual requirement processes and services”

“I have known simple system for over 10 years from my previous activities in procurement and am therefore very familiar with the numerous advantages of the system. Due to the simple integration into the system landscape, the introduction of simple system was implemented very quickly at SIG. Die ausgesprochen große Vielfalt an Lieferanten überzeugt unsere Einkaufsabteilung und Anwender gleichermaßen. In particular, we benefit enormously from the possibility of creating tailor-made internal catalogs: This means that even complex local service processes such as maintenance and painting work are standardized and efficiently handled.

Our approximately 300 active users particularly value functions of the platform such as

+ Comprehensive article search

+ Independent user group management

+ Connection to the merchandise management system

+ Simple and intuitive operation for internal customers and buyers

The interaction of simple system with our merchandise management system enabled us to automate our operational C-parts purchasing by almost 70 percent. With around 20 directly connected vendors and 50 vendors from the SIG internal catalog, we now even cover services via simple system. We use the time gained in this way for value-adding category management. Since, among other things, we were able to significantly increase the efficiency of our purchasing department with simple system, the platform offers us considerable added value, so we definitely recommend simple system to others. “