Your additional assets as a vendor

Benefit from our commission model today or find out how you can easily increase your reach on the simple system platform.

Increase your reach on simple simple system
simple system CLICK & ORDER as an attractive growth lever

simple savings
Benefit from our commission model as you grow

Increase your reach on simple simple system

Access to 1.500 customers – very easy with the simple system CLICK & ORDER

The core of the simple system business model is to directly, digitally and easily connect customers and vendors in an established business relationship. With simple system CLICK & ORDER, we want to give our customers the opportunity to place ad hoc orders with new vendors in an extremely simple process.

The name “simple system CLICK & ORDER” stands for itself: Search for a product, add it to the shopping cart, order immediately – without any contractual obligations. In this way, customers can cover spontaneously occurring marginal requirements or rarely occurring one-off requirements very easily via simple system – maverick buying is a thing of the past!

Even more important for you as a vendor: With CLICK & ORDER, all customers on the platform can quickly and easily get to know new vendors, try them out and, step by step, cover more product groups using simple system with newly discovered partners. This is exactly where your chance as a simple system vendor lies!

Provide a public catalog for our publicly accessible CLICK & ORDER range and benefit from access to more than 1.500 simple system customers.

Fast and easy

Start selling in the public area immediately and use your advantage with the simple system CLICK & ORDER

Increase reach
Access to more than 1,500
simple system customers

Just take part
A public catalog with
public prices is sufficient

Get started right away
Lose no time,
but sell immediately!

simple savings

Commission model with a difference – simple and transparent!

The topics are at simple system simplicity and transparency in the center – not only in the processes of our customers and vendors, but also in our commission model for the use of the simple system platform as a vendor.

  • You pay X% commission on mediated orders (commission rate depends on the status achieved in the commission model).
  • There are no onboarding costs and no monthly fee for using our platform. As a vendor, we charge you a small commission for all orders generated via the platform – that is, a fee only applies if you are successful on simple system.
  • Your personal commission rate depends on your member status. Our common interest is to develop you to gold status. Because gold status means: You are optimally positioned and maximally successful on simple system.
  • With a public listing on the simple system platform, you will be found quickly by new customers. If you also provide a public catalog directly, nothing stands in the way of your growth with new customers. We are happy to give you simple and useful tips on how you can further improve the quality of your catalogs. A high catalog quality is a basic requirement for presenting yourself to your existing and potential customers in the best possible way and being reliably found by them.

    The simple system commission model

    Your added value at a glance

    No onboarding costs or monthly fees for using the platform

    Cost only if you
    are successful on simple system

    Together for gold status!
    You are set up in the best possible way on simple system and are maximally successful