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Moving your data to NextGen

This is how you move and get started on NextGen.

Until the Classic platform is switched off, you still have the option to make your catalogue and price data available via staging. We are moving this data to the new platform and are constantly updating it there. In practice, this means that you can still provide your customers with catalogues and price lists in "Staging", but your customers can already buy from them on NextGen.

If you want to manage your customers on NextGen, then contact your contact person at simple system. We would be happy to switch off the synchronization of the two platforms for you. From this point on, there is no longer any data exchange between Classic and NextGen, i.e. you manage customers, catalogues, and prices in the two platforms completely independently.

A hybrid of the two ways, i.e. synchronizing catalogues and prices for some customers and managing catalogues for other customers on NextGen, is only possible for pure NextGen new customers. You must approve them on NextGen anyway and provide them with catalogues and prices.

In the table below, you can read how the synchronization of the two platforms works in detail for your catalogues, prices, images and documents, and customers.

Pictures and documents
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