Our values

Clear rules for fair competition


simple system GmbH operates the “simple system” eProcurement platform, through which providers (vendors) and customers establish business relationships. As an independent platform operator, we provide the technical platform for the sale or purchase of goods and services between providers and customers.

simple system is equally committed to neutrality for all platform participants.

Data security

As the operator of an eProcurement platform, data and information are one of our most valuable assets. That is why simple system takes data security, trust, and confidentiality very seriously.

We are aware of this special responsibility and see it as one of the most important obligations for us as a company and for each one of our employees. We ensure the security and confidentiality of all information about the platform activities of our providers and customers.

Any data on prices, orders and contractual relationships — unless they are publicly available — are exclusively accessible to the contracting parties themselves.


The sole shareholder of simple system is Hoffmann SE, Europe's leading system partner for quality tools. Hoffmann SE regards simple system as a 100% neutral subsidiary and, apart from the context of its strategic business orientation and its strategic financing, has no influence on the platform's operational business.

In particular, this means that the shareholder — even in his role as provider on the platform — has no special rights or advantages relative to other participants on the platform.

Like all other platform participants, it is subject to all legal requirements in accordance with our vendor contracts, terms and conditions and data protection agreement, through which we, as a simple system, guarantee the highest level of data security and confidentiality with regard to sensitive data.