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I believe that SMEs are an important employer and ensure stability in the economy.
I would like to work for a company that is also well positioned in the digital sector.
Many of my friends have parents who work in the middle class and they seem to be doing well.
SMEs are out of the question for me. I have more opportunities to develop and develop at a larger company.
Yassin, BWL
Most of my friends want to join the big ones like Google, Amazon and BMW and are therefore studying. In some cases, training is no longer worthwhile in order to be able to survive in Munich. They should invest more in training young talent in order to remain competitive. With 500€ training allowance, I can't even get a room here.
Omar, Berufschule
I would make SMEs more aware of digitization and innovation. It is not possible that I still have to apply analogously. Be okay.
I'm sure that most smaller companies don't pay much attention to diversity and inclusion.
Medium-sized companies often still have a familiar atmosphere and I find that cool.
Medium-sized companies often have no vision and are not innovative enough.
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What are we doing?

We develop, maintain and expand our NextGen e-Procurement platform to help companies (especially medium-sized German companies) digitize and automate their purchasing processes.

What is important to us?

As an employer, we attach great importance to a positive work culture, flexibility and the development of our employees. Often heard, really lived with us.

What are we looking for?

If you are interested in a solid and digitally savvy medium-sized player and want to work in a company that cares about its employees and strives for positive change, then you've come to the right place!

Who could speak for us better
as our employees:

  • We ask, our team answers:
  • How did your application process go?
  • The application process was honest, direct and quick. Both sides had the opportunity to get to know each other and I was able to find out what was in store for me.
  • Why did you choose this job?
  • What I particularly like about simple system is that they have a start-up mentality and use a very modern structure in the area of data processing.
  • What challenges does your job entail?
  • In my current job, I see a continuous challenge in constantly acquiring new skills and knowledge. As technology and requirements in our industry are constantly evolving, it is crucial to always stay up to date. This constant learning curve requires time and commitment as I need to make sure I'm aware of current trends and best practices.
  • What makes your team stand out?
  • A good interpersonal atmosphere and mutual respect characterize the working environment. Communication is clear and transparent.
  • Why is your employer a good fit for you?
  • My employer is a good fit for me because it supports my professional and career goals. I appreciate the corporate culture and the values that are cultivated here, such as teamwork, and the opportunity for professional development. These aspects are in line with my own professional expectations.
Najla Mergans

Najla Mergans, BI Data Analyst @ simple system

5 things that were important to me when looking for a job:

office icon

Flexibility in the workplace

growth icon

Professional development and continuing education

work live balance

Work-life balance


Health services and wellbeing


Workplace culture and social responsibility


Are you looking for a working student position, your first job or would you like to develop yourself professionally?

Then you've come to the right place! We are looking for talents to expand our team and break the limits of German SMEs with us. — We offer you an exciting working environment in which you work on innovative projects and constantly develop yourself. With us, you have the opportunity to apply your skills in practice and focus on your career.

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