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Viking/ Office Depot (RAJA-Gruppe)

“simple system strengthens the direct relationship between buyers and suppliers and at the same time supports digitization. Self-service allows us to act quickly and individually ourselves, so that customers have immediate access to the goods they are looking for, giving us an enormous market advantage.”

The challenge

In procurement, digital transformation promises great potential! At the same time, however, the relationships between suppliers and buyers are to be developed and deepened more strongly.

simple system strengthens the direct relationship with our customers and also supports digitization on their side.

Marcus Waldeis
Customer eBusiness Solutions Manager, Office Depot Germany GmbH

“On a simple system, Viking/Office Depot can manage its customers' product ranges independently and individually. In addition to regularly adapting seasonal products, flexibility also means adapting to changes in demand in unforeseen situations. Due to the pandemic, for example, there was a shift in product ranges. Here too, simple system helps with the flexible addition of new product groups to the product ranges. Thanks to self-service, we can act quickly and individually ourselves, so that the goods they are in demand are immediately available to customers and thus achieve an enormous market advantage. This in turn also has the advantage that open communication and simple applications turn a satisfied buyer into a loyal buyer, which strengthens the relationship between both sides. What convinced us in particular about Simple System are:

  • speeding up and simplifying our internal processes
  • the flexibility and simplicity of integration and communication
  • the platform's self-service, both on the customer and supplier side
Talking openly about agreements, opportunities and challenges and finding solutions together is our proven partnership approach.

Marcus Waldeis
Customer eBusiness Solutions Manager, Office Depot Germany GmbH

The result

The connection to the simple system platform promotes collaboration for a completely digital order transfer process. Viking/Office Depot receives machine-readable digital orders as EDI orders via a simple system, which are transferred directly to the systems and continue to run there without interruptions. Marcus Waldeis explains: “When a user sends a shopping cart from Office Depot or Viking on simple system, the order is available directly in our inventory management system. The fully automated warehouse then immediately starts processing this order. The package is then transported directly via the belts in the warehouse to our pick system, so that no more manual intervention is necessary and everything runs digitally.”

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