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Purchasing platform

A digital B2B purchasing platform optimizes procurement processes, simplifies vendor management and offers a comprehensive product catalogue. The seamless integration with the ERP system enables efficient data transfer and automated order processing for maximum efficiency.

Digital purchasing platform for B2B: added value in procurement

In today's digital era, shopping behaviour has undergone massive changes in both the private and business sectors. In the B2B sector in particular, companies are looking for efficient solutions to optimize their purchasing processes and reduce costs.

A digital purchasing platform for B2B offers considerable added value in procurement. It enables companies to automate their procurement processes, optimize the supply chain, and at the same time gain access to a broad network of suppliers and products.

And that is far from all.

What is a B2B purchasing platform?

A B2B purchasing platform is a digital platform that enables companies to optimize their procurement of goods and services.

  • By using this platform, companies have the opportunity to carry out their entire purchasing activity to bundle at a central location. This allows them to significantly simplify the process of purchasing products and services.
  • A B2B purchasing platform offers companies the opportunity to provide information, exchange information with your suppliers quickly and efficiently. This makes communication and coordination between companies and their suppliers much easier.
  • In addition, by using a B2B purchasing platform, companies can more efficient procurement processes to implement and as a result Save costs. The platform allows companies to compare offers, negotiate contracts and process orders easily.
  • By automating procurement processes, companies can save time and resources that they can invest in other important aspects of their business.

Why is a digital purchasing platform essential?

Everything is digitized. It is not a question of “if,” but a question of “when.” Although digitization may not be useful in all areas, it will be used in Procurement to be a game changer. Faster, cheaper, more reliable — digital procurement is an unavoidable step towards more efficient processes.

Benefits of our e-procurement solution

Our digital purchasing platform offers a simple and efficient way to find and order products. However, we do not limit ourselves to the mere purchase process. We see ourselves as a comprehensivecomprehensive solution for indirect purchasing. Supplier management, reporting and a smooth ERP connection are a matter of course for us.

Comprehensive product catalogue

Produktkatalog unserer Lösung für die elektronische Beschaffung

Our comprehensive product catalogue offers a wide range of categories, including Occupational safety, electronics and medical supplies. You can easily navigate through the catalogue and find the desired products using various filter criteria. Whether you're looking for specific brands, prices, or other specific features, our catalogue allows you to find exactly what you need.

Each product is presented with a detailed description, high-quality images, and prices to help you make your choice. Plus, we regularly add new products to ensure you always have the latest options to choose from.

Vendor and contract management

Our platform allows you to manage your vendors efficiently and store contracts centrally. You can provide important information such as organize contract terms, prices, and conditions in a single system. This gives you an overview of all your contracts at any time and allows you to quickly search for relevant information. In addition, notifications will remind you in good time of significant dates such as contract extensions or price adjustments. Thanks to the centralized database, you can easily access all relevant information and therefore work more efficiently.

ERP integration

The seamless integration of our platform into your existing ERP system ensures that you save time and reduce errors. This integration creates data such as orders, invoices, and delivery information automatically synchronized between systems. This gives you an accurate overview of your purchasing activities and allows you to quickly access reports. The integration increases efficiency as data does not have to be transferred manually between systems. This allows you to focus on more important tasks and increase your company's productivity.

Analyses and reports

Analyse und Reporting für Verbesserungen der Prozesse im Procurement

Our platform provides detailed analyses and reports on your purchasing activities. Access to comprehensive data gives you insights into spending, supplier performance, and more. Data visualization makes it easier to understand the information and enables well-founded decisions. With our platform, you can user-defined reports are created to meet specific requirements. You can analyse the key figures relevant to your company and thus optimize the success of your procurement strategy.


Geschlossener Partner Marktplatz mit individuellen Konditionen

On our digital purchasing platform, we offer a marketplace with a wide selection of products from various vendors. You have the option to compare prices and choose the best deals. The marketplace is designed to be user-friendly and allows easy navigation so that you can easily find the products you are looking for.

In addition to the open market square, the Partner marketplace at the heart of our technology. In a closed system, they see their partners' offers and the terms negotiated in each case.


A digital B2B purchasing platform ensures that you find the best deals and simplifies the management of vendors and contracts by centralizing information and making it easily accessible. The seamless integration with your ERP system enables smooth data transfer and automated order processing, which optimizes efficiency and accuracy. The comprehensive product catalogue offers a wide range of categories and allows easy navigation and filtering to find exactly what you need.

In view of numerous benefits, Is a digital procurement platform essential for companies that want to streamline their procurement processes and maximize efficiency. We would be happy to convince you in a non-binding demo.

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