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Procurement online

By using digital platforms, companies can make more effective purchasing decisions and automate the entire procurement process. This results in increased efficiency, time and cost savings, and improved transparency and traceability of procurement activities.

Procurement online: effective purchasing with a digital platform

In today's digital age, the way we shop and procure goods has changed significantly. Online procurement has reached a turning point and offers buyers and vendors alike the opportunity to streamline their processes and maximize efficiency. With the advent of digital platforms, the procurement landscape has become more accessible, convenient, and effective than ever before.

What is digital Procurement?

Digital procurement (e-procurement) refers to the process of procuring goods and services via digital platforms. By using such digital procurement platforms, companies can make more effective purchasing decisions. By accessing digital data and analyses, they can obtain a comprehensive overview of the market and carry out vendor evaluations and price comparisons more easily. This information allows companies to find the best deals and the purchasing process to optimize. Digitalization of procurement offers numerous benefits for companies of all sizes and industries and is becoming more and more the norm in today's business world.

Benefits of online procurement

  • By using digital platforms in procurement, companies can automate the entire procurement process, from inquiry to delivery tracking. This reduces manual effort and minimizes the likelihood of errors.
  • In addition, digital procurement saves time and money. Employees can use their time more effectively as orders are automatically generated and transmitted electronically to vendors. As a result, the purchasing process faster and more efficient.
  • The use of digital platforms also improves the transparency and traceability of procurement processes. Companies have a comprehensive overview of the market, and vendor evaluations and price comparisons can be carried out more easily. This enables better control and tracking of procurement processes.

Last but not least, this offers digital procurement increased flexibility. Thanks to location-independent access to the procurement platform, employees can access the information they need anytime and anywhere. This allows faster decisions and increases flexibility in the procurement process.

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Procurement online vs. traditional sourcing

By using digital platforms, companies can automatically generate orders and send them electronically to vendors. This significantly speeds up the entire procurement process and allows companies to receive deliveries faster. In addition to speeding up processes, digital procurement is also a solution to reduce paper consumption and manual effort. Companies can handle all procurement processes digitally, resulting in a significant savings in paper and resources leads.

Procurement online also enables better comparability of offers and an easy search for the best conditions. Companies can easily compare different vendors and their offers and increase the chance of getting the best conditions. In addition, digital procurement enables the integration of various tools for Analysis and optimization of the purchasing strategy. By accessing digital data and analytics, companies can improve their purchasing strategy and make more effective decisions.

How can the electronic procurement Optimize your purchasing?

With the proven system from simple system, you have the option of implementing your desired purchasing processes digitally in an uncomplicated way. This includes both integrating your preferred vendors and enabling your employees to make their purchases independently — for the entire indirect demand on a single platform. Our experts will be happy to advise you on how to best use our procurement platform. You are also welcome to find out more in our latest white paper.

Digital ordering and automated processes

Ordering products and services electronically offers companies numerous advantages. By using digital platforms, manual administration is reduced and the entire procurement process is accelerated. Automated processes enable faster processing of orders, invoices, and payments. This prevents bottlenecks and reduces bottleneck times. Additionally, automated processes minimize human errors and improve the accuracy of orders. Companies can rest assured that their orders are processed correctly and on time.

Last but not least, online procurement enables improved traceability of orders and supply chains. Companies have a comprehensive overview of their orders and can track the status in real time. This improves transparency and enables companies to react in good time and make necessary adjustments as needed. Electronic ordering thus facilitates the procurement process and improves the efficiency of the company.

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Procurement systems and vendor management

The use of Procurement systems makes vendor management easier by providing a central overview of all vendor contacts and contracts. Companies can centrally manage all information about their vendors and have quick access to important contract details. This makes it easier to search for specific contacts or contracts and saves time.

In addition, digital procurement systems enable better evaluation and selection of vendors based on criteria such as quality, price, and delivery time. Companies can compare different vendor profiles and select the ones that best meet their needs. This results in an optimized vendor strategy and improved business relationships.

Digital platforms allow contracts with vendors to be managed and monitored more efficiently. Companies have a clear overview of contract terms, notice periods and contract conditions. This makes it easier to comply with contracts and that reduced risk of contract breaches.

The use of digital procurement systems also improves communication with vendors, which leads to smoother collaboration. Companies can send inquiries and orders directly via the platform and receive answers and order confirmations quickly. This facilitates the exchange of information and speeds up the procurement process.

About simple system

  • Full of enthusiasm for the area of indirect purchasing.
    With great enthusiasm for the indirect purchasing, It is hard to believe how often companies neglect the area of purchasing, even though a lot of money can be saved or even wasted here. Even if the value of screws, tools, hygiene products or cleaning products is low, their procurement costs rise enormously if they are decentralized in different departments and from different vendors. This leads to higher process costs and a lack of transparency regarding prices, quality and incoming goods.
  • Inspired by effective processes
    simple system strives to present complex processes in a simple way. The release of processes, the introduction of new procedures and the definition of rights and roles — we are enthusiastic about intelligently organized purchasing structures in which as little time as possible is wasted on recurring tasks. With us, customers don't have lengthy introductory or training periods.
  • Only joint success counts
    simple system embodies pioneering spirit. Our team works with existing buyers and vendors on a daily basis to make indirect purchasing even easier and to make logistics run smoothly.

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